Waiting For Something ?

Are you done?
Feeling sorry for yourself?
Taking mediocre action and then wondering why you’re not seeing any changes.
Why do you think that is? You know exactly why?
It’s a lifelong commitment.

Not a week long.
A month long.
That’s a fucking joke.

Nothing happens in a week.
Only little happens in a month even.
It’s commitment and consistency.
Through the ups and downs.
Through the good days and bad.

It’s not for the weak of heart.
It’s for those who know what’s ahead and willing to go all in.

Be There For You So You Can Be There For Them.



Time is what you need.

You started your ‘diet.’ Though I don’t believe in diets. It’s been one week, 2 maybe…push it to 3 weeks max. You keep looking in the mirror, turning side to side, tucking it in, sticking it out, trying desperately to see any changes. You stand on the scale in your bra and undies…but the number, still the same. Oh wait, half a p…no same! You even debate taking rest of your attire off, just to be sure.
You’re not seeing any progress, get discourage and say fuck it. There’s that!

Didn’t take much did it.
Here’s the thing you didn’t account for.



Be the tortoise.
Slow and steady wins the race. Though, there is no race.

Be There For You So You Can Be There For Them.


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